The Reichenbach Fall filming

"Benedict is a little more aloof during filming than Martin and we certainly didn’t want to disturb him while he worked, but on one occasion during Wednesday night between the rehearsals of a scene, he was texting away on his phone and didn’t look to be very busy. We were convinced the texting was to Martin, who was down the other end of the street, and although it was no doubt just a coincidence, Martin happened to be on his phone too. One would look at their phone and laugh and then a moment later the other would theirs and then laughed themselves."

-Sherlockology Reichenbach Set Report 


There was a very touching moment between them on Wednesday; Martin had arrived on set several hours after Benedict, and when Benedict spotted him he went straight up to Martin who was standing by the monitors and gave him a huge hug. It was lovely to see, especially as they continued to talk, Benedict standing in the road and Martin on the pavement (but still managing to be the same height incidentally), Benedict arranged the front of Martin’s shirt for him as he talked.”

agnesanutter asked: "I'm just saying... mutual handjobs while watching Breaking Bad together."


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this is the only way i comprehend the situation (x)


only martin understands !! !

Anonymous asked: "Hey :) I don't really get Simon Pegg's tweet, could you pleeaaase explain to me, what he meant by that?"



I have just shuffled a deck of cards. And I’m gonna seal them up with this letter in an envelope. [X]

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