I’ve just seen these photos of Ben C from the Gala Screening and something caught my eye…


..where have I seen this jacket before??


Oh. Oh.




Damn Watermarks -  2009 09 13 - London - Premiere of ’ Creation ’ by Dafydd Jones

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Caption : MARTIN FREEMAN; BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, Party after the European premiere of Creation  at the Curzon Mayfair. Party at 17 Berkeley St. London.  13 September 2009.

[ Karin says : ]    Does anyone have any alternate versions of these, so that I may replace the blurry central area with a clearer one ?

No, he’s great, he’s a brilliant Sherlock. He’s perfect in that role and the world has rightly taken him to their hearts. He’s fantastic.

"I do vocal warmups all morning. Martin has started to do them as well, even in scenes when he doesn’t say anything. He might be taking the piss."

Benedict Cumberbatch. Getting prepared for sherlock. Ozcon

"It’s a lot of syllables, I like the name Benedict. I went to school with someone called Cumberbatch. So I was kinda- quite familiar with it. Some people really have a problem saying it. Some Americans think it’s like an aliens name. I use it sometimes as a vocal warm up. Benedictcumberbatch benedictcumberbatch.”

- Martin Freeman (via @ about the 2hr 20min mark)

Anonymous asked: "I find it very cute? sweet? funny? that in every interview where someone ask about ben from martin or about martin from ben they are like "he is great and i adore him and he is my favourite actor but don't tell him that i say that". what do you think about that?"

Yeah, I like that, too. Although, doesn’t it seem like Ben is quite generous with the public love and the compliments, while Martin will say he likes and respects Ben and his talent and not much more? Does anyone else think that Martin Freeman is one of those emotionally stunted romantics who has a hard time with nice words sometimes and instead shows affection through the art of sarcasm? Like, the more he loves a person, the more he’s just an unapologetic asshole to them? And The Cumberlord is kind of into it?


i-was-born-for-killing asked: "Hello) Could you help me? I am looking for the interview in which Martin said that he is bisexual. It was before Sherlock and now I cant find any information about it. Practically all sources are said that he is straight but not only I remember that interview. People said that besides there was a video. Maybe you saw that interview or someone else did. (Sorry for bad English, it is not my native language) Thanks"

Hey! I’ve never heard of it, but I doubt very much it exists. And it’s not because I don’t think it’s possible he’s bisexual (btw, I think it’s toootally possible he’s bisexual). I just don’t think he’d ever admit to or discuss that, especially not in a public forum. Has anyone else heard about this?




My brother just told me Ben gave Martin a standing ovation can we just


im crying


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So apparently Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott are both attending Martin Freeman’s Richard III tonight?